Wednesday, 12 September 2007

HS:MS kiss

AKA: Pucker up, swap spit, snog, tonsil tickling (tee hee).A show of affection by means of mouth to mouth contact. Go on, give us a kiss!

My response to this today needs either a lot of imagination or poetic licence! I'll leave it for you to decide whether Josey is actually kissing one of her favourite toys or nearly biting its head off!

Windows vista ...

Having bought a new laptop to replace my dead one, it, of course came Vista-ready. I love certain aspects of Vista, but it has been a bit of a pain getting new drivers for my printer etc. 'What has this to do with craft?' I hear you ask!

Well, a couple of weeks ago I (thought I) installed my craft robo successfully and actually used it to do a DLO for a CJ. Last night I tried to use it for the project I need to complete for this week's Salt challenge which will be launched tomorrow morning ... and the robo controller wouldn't work.

So I've now taken off what was installed and going through the whole process again - downloading the software from Graphtec. I hope to be able to return later and say that my robo is working. Meanwhile, I'm having to turn to plan Z for my Salt project.