Wednesday 30 April 2008

HS:MS wild

Today on HS:MS: 'wild: living in a state of nature; not tamed or domesticated.'

As it's still raining, I'm not venturing far, so I popped my head outside the back door - to the left there is a part of the garden that gets pretty unruly at times because there's a hotch-botch of plants growing there quite wildly. There's an area more wild than that at the top end of the garden, but there's no way I was going up there in the rain, so this 'wild' will have to do:

Not much crafting

A couple of days ago I bought four new Magenta stamps and yesterday started to do some images for the swap on CBC, but a couple of the stamps were giving poor results (well, was it the stamps or 'operator error'?). Anyway, I gave up in the end and decided to come back to it fresh today. I didn't try one of the ones that were playing up yesterday, but the other one was fine today - just think I was heavy handed on inking up yesterday.

So, suddenly realising that it is the last day in April today I got on with the images this morning, thinking they should have got to Carolyn by today. When I logged on to CBC I couldn't find the thread for an April swap and discovered that this is a May swap - so I'm not late with them - phew! The brief for this swap is to use new stamps.

Anyway, in the absence of anything else much atm, these are the images:

The green leafy circle is a Magenta stamp. Jemima Puddle-duck was free with a mag I bought the other day (one of those where you need to cut away the excess rubber, but not a bad little stamp for a freebie). The funky plum flower shape is another new Magenta stamp (one of the ones that caused problems yesterday - kept getting ink in the middle of the 'petals'). The brown flower is a Papermania one that I bought at Easter and didn't use. The little black one in the bottom corner is a Basic Grey journalling stamp from a lovely set I got recently.

There has been chat recently on CBC about triple embossing and sinking a stamp into it while it's hot, so I thought this would be an appropriate card to send to Carolyn (I admit I made it quite a long while ago, but have never shown it before):

Perhaps soon I'll be back with some proper crafting - need to do some cards very soon and there are so many challenges I'd like to do, including LOs.

At least I feel a bit virtuous this morning, because I've cleaned the stamps I used (and have to confess that quite often I leave them to do them later ...)

And yesterday I did some die cuts for a swap on CBC using my cricut expression - some swirls from the Wedding cart and some flowers from the Walk in my garden - should have taken some pictures, but wanted to get them into the post quickly so I didn't.

So I suppose, although I headed this 'not much crafting' I have been doing some, but none that's got a finished result.