Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Oh dear

Rubbish crafting and rubbish photography - great combination!! (and that's with a new camera - blame the light!)

Since Friday I've done no crafting until late this afternoon and evening. I managed to get out to church Sunday morning, but apart from that have been indoors and feeling rotten. In rare moments like this morning I begin to think the back pain is more reasonable and then it quickly returns with a vengeance and with a headache too.

A friend rang up today to ask if I had a golden wedding card in stock (I didn't - probably could have adapted one, but decided to do one from scratch). It so happens that the person she's giving it to has asked me to make a card for her sister's birthday, so it has made me get on with that this evening as well.

The only thing I'm remotely happy about is the roses on the heart on the anniversary card. As for the birthday card, the person receiving it is a keen gardener, so I thought wheelbarrow, watering can, etc but the card is far too busy (although my excuse is that older people tend to like more rather than less on a card).

All I can say really is 'oh dear' - not my best efforts.

This one is in fact far brighter and lighter than this - the left hand is a silver holographic butterfly background and the right hand is a pearlised white card (I know, you would never guess!) - perhaps I'll get a chance in the morning to get a proper picture before my friend comes to pick it up.

I'm just hoping that tomorrow morning I'll feel like doing some crafting for fun - I'm really wanting to join in the challenges on Just Bex, but apart from a couple of cards on Friday evening, I haven't done anything else. Perhaps I'll bounce back a bit tomorrow.