Wednesday 8 August 2018


It's Wednesday and that means a visit to Julia's lovely blog and lots of other lovely crafting spaces to explore and enjoy. If you don't know what I'm talking about, the head over to WOYWW 479 at Julia's lovely blog and find out ... and I hope you'll join in the fun.

This is how the left side of my desk looks this morning - mainly cards that have been made in the last few days:t

This is the right side of my desk, with papers that have been used in the last couple of days, some stickeroos (because I used one for the top card on the left):

Those who've followed me for a while will know that I like to be organised with everything put away in the correctly labelled box. Well .... I'm now going to tell you a little secret. Every so often, things pile up on my desk and I just don't have time (or inclination) to actually put them in the right place ... and, besides, there's things that I still need in the next couple of days, so it would be silly putting them away.

As well as my trolleys of Really Useful boxes and other storage, I have two very special boxes - they sit on top of one of my units ... and you will see that the top one is smaller and has snowflakes on it.

The top one is for Christmas bits and pieces ... things that have been lurking on my desk, but haven't yet been put in their right places ... this is what it looks like atm:

The larger box is for anything else that has been taking up residence on my desk ... and it might well be needed in a day or two, so it's a bit silly to put it all away in right places ... or I just haven't had time to do so. This is the inside of that box:

If you need a bit more desk space without putting everything away, I would fully recommend getting some boxes like mine ... large enough to take 12 x 12 paper if necessary.

So now you know why my desk is reasonably tidy, most of the time.

Of course, during the course of a day, things get tipped out of the boxes back on to my desk ... and when I've used some of it, the rest either gets put away properly ... or back in the box for another day.

Hope to see you at WOYWW 479.