Sunday, 9 December 2007

Absent without leave

I haven't been blogging so much lately - decorating being done, chaos, still can't get our main room straight because TV stand isn't coming until Wednesday - what a mix-up, feeling poorly, John being poorly in church this morning (not everyone gets to lie down in church!) And trying to get presents bought (I know I should have started everything earlier but am really struggling this year, although admittedly we're giving vouchers/gift cards to quite a few, particularly the older children who would like to have these). Have at least started on writing cards today (and have printed all labels ready for the envies). The only trouble is that I've using cards that I had in boxes for my sales, so I'm having to take each one out of the cello bag (what a pain - although John, bless, did a few for me).

Must get off here and write some more cards.

If you usually visit my blog and look at my crafty creations (although I can't imagine why people do), normal service might (and I say 'might') be resumed soon.

I've got to get a CJ back in the post Tuesday, so I should have something to show.