Friday, 27 April 2007

I've been tagged ...

... by Jukie (

(My first time of being tagged!)

Apparently you have to do seven fact/habits about yourself then tag another seven ( I am sorry but I am only doing what I am told to do!)

So here we go:

1. When I was younger I had driving lessons, but didn't take my test because I was afraid of passing!

2. I had my photo in Hello magazine.

3. I never iron until it's absolutely necessary (I used to love ironing when I was young, but the novelty wore off!)

4. I've lived in eleven different homes.

5. I hate hospitals and doctors, but I love watching Casualty and Holby City.

6. I've been to twenty different countries, but nowhere in the last two years (I think my travelling days might well be over).

7. I've sung a solo in the Royal Albert Hall.

So now I need to tag seven other people - Carol, Carolyn, Bex, Adele, Saffa, Debbie and Rosie - consider yourself tagged!!


  1. oh god! i need to think about this :D

    i'll put details on my blog later


  2. I certainly had to think about it, Carol!!

  3. Oh hazel the Albert Hall and Hello Magazine - I need details!



  4. Oh goodness Hazel- I haven't got 7 interesting thing to say about myself!!!
    Will get the grey matter working!!

  5. Thanks for the tag Hazel!

    I've put my reply on my blog


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