Friday, 14 September 2007

An instrument for picking up small objects. Find tweezers in your space today.

I seem to have quite a selection! So here they are all lined up (looks as if they're ready to be used in a surgical procedure!):


  1. Cor, thats a collection and a half !!

  2. Why so many ? Is it like losing and then finding umbrellas do tell.

    And yes it does look like you are ready for the operating theatre :D

    Fab photo Hazel. Very very unusual


  3. Yes, a bit like umbrellas, I suppose!! And I think if I looked further I'd probably find another couple of the smaller ones in the bathroom as well. Two of the ones shown belong to manicure sets and the others have been acquired when needed and then others found! The longer ones are all different though - used in crafting (when I can find them! - although I recently bought a pot to keep all that sort of thing in).

  4. Whit whoo ..... someone who shares my love of tweezers!!! :)

    Great shot!

  5. blimey what a collection!!! is there a name for a tweezer lover...LOL!!!

  6. Great photo Hazel...don't think I've ever seen so many tweezers in one place lol

  7. wow that's a LOT! LOL!DItto with Chris I have not seen so many tweezers in one place. unless its a store LOL!

  8. There are a lot of tweezers in your house. I like how they are lined up, very nice.
    I liked your tag answers, and the little comments.
    Thanks for commenting on my blog.

  9. Goodness what a selection of tweezers!! I have trouble finding one of the two I have at times!


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