Saturday, 29 September 2007

Sale in aid of TEAR Fund

I knew that quite a few people for various reasons wouldn't be able to come along today, but I was still disappointed when the response was poor this morning - although, of course, I was very pleased to see those who did come. There were more people this afternoon (making a total of 14 throughout the day) and in the end I sold £180 worth of cards, so I'll be able to send £54 to TEAR Fund plus a donation of £10.

I was glad that I made packs of Christmas cards - selling 5 in a pack for £2, because I sold 21 of these. I also sold 40 indidividual Christmas cards at £1 each and 50 cards made from recycling other cards. Apart from that I sold 45 other greetings cards, costing either £1.50 or £2 each.

I'm really appreciative of those who came and supported this worthy cause.


  1. Well done Hazel! What a great achievement!

  2. Well done Hazel thats a good result xxxx

  3. Wow Hazel you done well, but as others have said to me, you sell the packs far to cheaply. They still would have been a bargain at £3/4. Sorry to hear there weren't many through the door but still sounds as though all your hard work has paid off.

  4. Hazel what a wonderful number of sales :)

    It can be so dissapointing when the turn out is low. I have been there too and know something of how it feels.

    But that is a fabulous amount of sales :)

    I presume that this is just the start for your Christmas sales so well done you :)

    Bye for now.

    I'm just in from a fabulous meal with great company and now getting off to bed


  5. Wow. Hazel. What a superb result with all those sales. Sorry to hear of the disappointing turnout, but those that came most certainly spent those pennies. Well done to you and well done to those that maanged to attend your sale. Hope your now managing to have a bit of a rest.

  6. Wow well done Hayzl.Now take a rest and rest your back.

  7. That's a donation that the TEAR Fund will appreciate Hazel - well done you! At least those who came along did spend money - it would have been doubly frustrating to have lots of 'browsers' as well as a lower turn out.

  8. Well done you. I'm trying another 'open house' on the 13th, how do you advertise your events?

  9. Well done Hazel - sorry only just catching up with things


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