Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Windows vista ...

Having bought a new laptop to replace my dead one, it, of course came Vista-ready. I love certain aspects of Vista, but it has been a bit of a pain getting new drivers for my printer etc. 'What has this to do with craft?' I hear you ask!

Well, a couple of weeks ago I (thought I) installed my craft robo successfully and actually used it to do a DLO for a CJ. Last night I tried to use it for the project I need to complete for this week's Salt challenge which will be launched tomorrow morning ... and the robo controller wouldn't work.

So I've now taken off what was installed and going through the whole process again - downloading the software from Graphtec. I hope to be able to return later and say that my robo is working. Meanwhile, I'm having to turn to plan Z for my Salt project.


  1. Hope you get it sorted soon Hazel. I'm a total tech-no-twat sowould be of any help, sorry.

  2. ahhh yes, I think one of the problems with Vista is the lack of drivers for certain stuff.

    It's one of the reasons we've not gone down the vista route - the thought of scouring the web to find drivers for all our old, and often favourite software and hardware isn't nice - and that's IF there is any for what you want.

  3. Hope you get it sorted out soon Hazel. The kids laptop is Vista and loads of their games won't play properly on it, it's such a pain. Looking forward to seeing what you make.

  4. Hi again Hazel

    Are you a member at UKS ? You don't need to be just to read the threads in the forums anyway

    Graphtec sponsor the Craft Robo chat, template and tutorial forums there. It's massive :)

    I do not have vista but there have been queries about it

    Have done a search on vista for you

    If you are not a member please let me know and I will tell you more. I can assure you that you will never look back :)

    Bye for now . . . Sue

  5. Hazel, I have Vista and had massive problems getting the robo pro to work on it, but spoke to Steve at Graphtec in Wrexham, and he was really helpful, pointed me in the right direction for the drivers and everything - there are loads dotted about and I ended up with the wrong one about 4 times!! Good luck love x


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