Friday, 26 October 2007

HS:MS favourite spots: bathroom

'Often a room used for convenience but have you a pretty little corner in your bathroom or something that you like about it? Show me a sneak of your bathroom.'

This is a penguin that I've had for years - it lived in the bathroom of the first flat I bought and has moved a few times since. Quite some time ago, the tip of its beak got chipped, but I like him so much that I've kept him just as he is:

Thank you for all your kind comments, not just today, but generally. I'm feeling a bit despondent about my crafting at the moment, although I've been doing a lot of it.

Just having a break and then must continue with sorting out ready for this evening.


  1. Nothing we love is perfect, and it's all the more loved because of that. He is beautiful, Hazel.

  2. Oh, Hazel, he is gorgeous! I used to collect penguins many years ago and yours is particularly stylish. x

  3. Great shot of your penguin hazel. Awww Hum don't be despondent there are so many of us out here sending you love and our thoughts.

    take care and love from Di.

    Good luck with the card sale

  4. Fab shot of your penguin. keep crafting, your cards are fab.

  5. wow I do like him

    I am sat here singing p p p pick up a penguin!!

  6. Wow!! he's a gorgous penguin Hazel I'm not surprised you hung on to him :D
    Hope you had lots of luck with your card selling and don't forget we all get a bit despondent about crafting at times... changing moods and all that... not to mention the mojo going missing LOL which happens to me all the time.
    We all love seeing what you make so keep that in mind when you're having an off day;)

  7. Hi Hazel love the photo of the penguin.As for your card making your mojo will come back.Your cards are fab hope you sell lots.Right now i have post holiday blues it was a shock to the system coming from 85-93 degreese to freezing cold scotlsnd he he.


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