Tuesday, 23 October 2007

HS:MS indigo and pink (or purple!)

Yesterday's HS:MS: 'Our penultimate colour for the rainbow theme is Indigo. Give me your Indigo.'

I don't really know whether you'd call this indigo, but I think it's the nearest I've got. Awful photos (taken quickly, with my reflection - didn't manage to get anything done yesterday, so have done these today speedily):

and this is taken from the top:

Today: 'Not essentially last in the rainbow (like Violet is) but its a shade of Indigo and that would be just too boring. I know you can find us some pink.'

I wasn't sure until I switched on whether we were going for violet, purple or pink, so here is a bit of variety - some of my 'really useful boxes':

And lastly, here are some pink socks I bought this morning at the chemist while I waited for my prescription to be done:

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  1. great shots! i like the top view of the vase and love those colorful boxes (^_^) those socks look very comfy.


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