Thursday, 11 October 2007

Salt: Creation

Today is the fortnightly challenge launch on Salt. Kim chose the subject this time and this is what she said:

Joyful greetings to all of our readers! We've all been so blessed to be able to share our faith-based challenges with you and have been especially thrilled to see what you have created!

This week it's my (Kim) turn and the theme I've chosen is:


We see God's sovereignty in His creation each and every day, from the beauty of nature to the miracle of birth. God has lovingly and mercifully created all that we see, hear, smell, touch, and feel, to bring glory to Himself and to bless His children.
"For thus says the Lord,

Who created the heavens,

Who is God.

Who formed the earth and made it,

Who has established it.

Who did not create it in vain

Who formed it to be inhabited

I am the Lord and there is no other."

-Isaiah 45:18

We'd love to see what you create based on this week's theme!! Please leave a comment and link back to your blog or gallery so that we can all share in your "creation!"

Please take a look at Salt

I still don't consider myself to be a scrapper, but enjoy opportunities to create LOs and this was a particularly poignant opportunity to express my thoughts and gratitude to God for making me as I am.

I've had physical disabilities all my life; I remember years ago a consultant saying that when I was conceived I 'came together all wrongly'. However, God knew and understands and gives me the grace and strength to cope with life as it is and the verses I have used from Psalm 139 are very precious to me (and to my dear mum).

The background papers and tags I've used are from - appropriately called 'wonderfully made' and 'knit together' (they were crying out to be used!).

I'm afraid that I did make a mistake on my LO (I only saw it after I had rubbed on some swirls that prevented me from moving the wording) - I got the first two parts of the verse the wrong way round, but there was no way I was going to do it all again,so here it is:


  1. Great LO Hazel, love the baby photo

  2. Lovely Lo Hazel, and they arent the wrong way round, there are just uniquely in that order in your LO!

  3. Awesome chalenge. I am pondering how I will express it! Have an awesome day!

  4. You are a scrapper Hazel. this layout is so lovely and so moving!

  5. Firstly hope you are feeling much better ((hugs)).

    This is a beautiful and tender layout Hazel.

    Please don't say your are not a scrapper. You create beautiful works of art using photos, journalling etc and therefore you are a scrapper. And a good one at that. Like it or not !!!!! :)

    It's a little late in the day for you now so I think it could be tomorrow before your back.

    Bye for now and take care


  6. Hazel
    That is such a lovely LO. I've been to a funeral today and a leaving do for a maternity leave, both were celebrations of life. Your faith and ability to share your life and craft are truly inspirational.


  7. a lovely incorporation of picture words and swirls! And a fantastic reminder! thank you for sharing Hazel

  8. Hazel - this is one of my favourite verses, and you have displayed it SO beautifully. It's wonderful to know that God created us just the way we are, just because he wanted to!
    Thank you for sharing.


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