Friday, 23 November 2007

A few cards using the bits

In the quest to get my room really sorted, yesterday I got out a couple of boxes of bits and pieces and used some of them to make a few cards - they will help fill the gaps in stock.

On this one, the cuttlebug embossing had already been done, so just a question of putting it together:

Cuttlebug embossing (already done) and Anna Griffin decoupage:

Another cuttlebug embossing:

This one made with an image from one of my favourite Magenta stamps:

This Anita's stamp of a labrador looks like Josey:

This one uses one of the little cuttlebug embossing foldfers (agree with others that there doesn't seem to be much use for these) - this one, having the corrugated card, could have been used for a recent DCM dare if I'd done it sooner:


  1. Fab cards Hazel, you have been busy! Love the labrador stamp!

    YOu were right 1st time, diamonds are forever!

  2. Great cards Hazel, you have been very busy. I love the embossed cards and the labrador stamp is so cute

  3. That tulip card took my breath away! It's stunning.


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