Tuesday, 4 December 2007

HS:MS chilly

'Chilly Brrrrr - so feeling it here. Have you chilliness in your space?'

I'm going out for a meal this evening with a friend, so poor John is being left to his own devices, so here is what I've prepared for him (straight out of the freezer):

And, before you ask, no, it isn't a punishment for interfering in yesterday's photo session!


  1. Great shot Hazel - I love how the box is at an angle. Please tell me what "Toad in the hole" is. I've never heard of that before!

  2. LOL at yesterdays shot ! Sooo clever ! Great take Hazel :-)

    And today's too. Have a smashing evening out and enjoy your meal . . . hope John does too ;-)

    Bye for now . . . Sue

  3. what exactly is a toad in the hole?

  4. hehe funny name for a food! :D

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  6. ROFL at all you non-Brits!! Toad in the Hole is sausages cooked in a dish of batter. Luvverly it is too!

    Great shot, Hazel and I had a good giggle at yesterday's tea cosy too! lol

  7. ROFL at John suffering for your art Hazel... Bless!! Such a cool fun photo though...I would try that for my next SPS only I don't possess a tea cosy...can I borrow yours.
    Fab chilly photo too...mmmm love toad in the hole. My chilly photo ended up with food too..great minds think alike :D

  8. Great photo, Hazel. I've never actually tried toad in the hole, so can't comment on the contents of the package.

    Take care

    Lisa xoxo


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