Monday, 17 December 2007

I don't know whether to laugh or cry

It's ironic that when I just logged in here, I saw that yesterday's title was 'Getting there ...' - oh, how I wish that were try today!

This morning consisted of having my hair trimmed and then trying to locally track down some Christmas wrapping paper and labels for mum (who had previously assured me she'd got some) - how difficult it was to get some - and then take it to her and wrap presents for her before returning home for late lunch.

This afternoon I managed to wrap up the last couple of packages that need to be posted and remembered I needed to do three more cards.

I'd joined the Chinese whisper Christmas card group on CBC and so I thought it would be a good idea to incorporate the layout. Ha ha!! Everything went wrong - did one version almost perfectly in the end (others already in the bin) - then discovered I'd done it upside down! So, because I didn't want to waste what I'd done, I guillotined the card with the idea of sticking it on to the front of a new card blank. Fine ... except that I decided to run it through my Xyron 900 for speed - oh dear yuk ... the stickiness was patchy and started to come away in places and was sticking little crumbly bits to my hands, which were then sticking it to other things ... in the end the whole lot had to be abandoned.

I did manage to get the Chinese whisper card done, but I can't show you because they're not revealed to the whole group has done one. I tried doing another one after that and got in such a mess I abandoned it.

And now I don't feel like tackling the others I need to do (thankfully they are only local and could even be delivered by hand).

On days like this I think this cardmaking lark isn't for me!

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  1. Oh Hazel, i hate days like that. I think it's when we feel we HAVE to rather than WANT to craft. Hope you have a better day of it tomorrow. x


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