Thursday, 20 December 2007

Nearly there ...

Managed today (well, it was yesterday actually, because I'm posting this at way gone 2 in the morning because I just can't sleep) to make birthday cards that I needed for directly after Christmas, so they are now in the post so that they don't get overlooked.

I also did a few more quick Christmas cards (the ones that I needed to research addresses for - which have now gone in the post first class). I didn't scan all of them, but here are a couple:

Oh dear, what an awful photo that last one is - I was in such a hurry to get cards into the post.

Now the big confession - I still haven't made a Christmas card for John and I also need to make a birthday one for him for 30 December - oh well, there's time yet. And two commissioned cards to make before the end of this week. And then that's it! (apart from a couple of ATCs and CJs).

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