Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Some ATCs

I thought it was a good idea when I signed up to take part in the CBC and Tanda monthly ATC swaps - plenty of time to get them done - ha ha - here I am at the end of the month and having to get them done on the last day.

The swap on CBC this month is 'numbers' so I went with the 'vital statistics' and produced these:

The Tanda swap is 'A question of Sport', so I chose golf and football. The golf stamps are See-Ds and the football boots are Tanda:

I'm more pleased with the top two than the others. For the background of the golf one I sprayed the card with Adirondac Color Wash lettuce (first time I've used it - need more practice!!)

Must now get on with my contribution for the new Salt challenge which will be launched tomorrow morning.

At least I've done a bit more crafting.

I've been neglecting HS:MS photos for a while - did a catch up recently and resolved that I'd get back into the swing of it, but ...


  1. Very nice Hazel i love them all.

    Andrea xx

  2. good to see you back on the blog Hazel. Love the vital statistics, they are fab. Sporty men's stuff is not as much fun to do, is it? Hope John is recouperating well. Janice xxx


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