Sunday, 24 February 2008

Janice tagged me

Janice tagged me a few days ago - details on her blog. Here are my answers:

What were you doing 10 years ago?

Getting used to being 50!

What were you doing 1 year ago?

Getting over pneumonia, worsening back pain that turned out to be fractured vertebrae. Crafting, crafting … mainly cardmaking … just beginning to dabble into scrapbooking.

And getting used to the idea that I would soon be 60!

Five snacks you enjoy:

Dark chocolate would easily cover all five! The darker the better – love Hotel Chocolat, but also Lindt, Green & Blacks – not that I’m a chocoholic! (I’m not supposed to be, ‘cause I have high cholesterol, but there are supposed to be health benefits from eating good dark chocolate – so that’s my excuse).

Five things you would do if you were a millionaire:

This is a difficult one, because the one thing that money won’t buy John and I is good health. However:
Whatever it takes to make mum’s life more comfortable
Houses for stepsons and families
Support to charities
A chauffeur driven limousine at our disposal
Even more crafty stuff than I’ve got now (and that would definitely need somewhere bigger to house it all).

Five bad habits:

I suppose all five could be ‘eating too much dark chocolate’!! (as per the five snacks!)
But also:
Generally eating some of the wrong things even though I know I shouldn’t (and still ought to lose weight)
Getting impatient with my mum (‘cause I don’t really mean to)
Probably other things that others would tell me rather than me confess!

Five things you like doing:

Making cards
Blogging (particularly looking at others) and keeping up with folk on crafty forums
Scrapbooking (although I don’t do enough of it … perhaps one day)
Watching Holby and Casualty (I know … how sad … you’d think we’d had enough of hospitals!) and a few other programs
Cooking (but nowadays tends to be more functional than anything else – back doesn’t like the standing involved)

Five things you would never wear again:

Stiletto heels (originally with winkle-picker toes)
Hot pants – complete with bib (oh yes … especially with a maxi coat!)
Mini skirts
Platform shoes
Pleated skirts (wow … what a long time ago that was!)

Five favourite toys:

Craft Robo
Big Shot
Ipaq (but doesn’t get used so much these days)

So now I tag five others:







  1. blimey.. thanks Hazel.. will get onto this tomorrow.

    There are some lovely Easter cards there.. arent these papers nice?

  2. Oh Hazel, thanks for getting this done. I am a Holby fan too! Mind you it was never the same after Anton Meyer left lol, although when Jeremy Sheffield was in it, swoon.... Never got into Casulty, one of these serials is enough for me. So obviously a good night in for us is Holby and some dark chocolate - pity you live so far a way!

  3. Sorry I've taken so long Hazel.....I'm going to do your tag now :)


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