Tuesday, 22 April 2008

HS:MS road

Today's prompt: road: 'A way of course on which to travel. have you got a road? (Im betting you have!

I went out by bus to a fairly local post office and craft shop and I remembered to take my camera with me. The first two shots were taken from the bus stop looking in either direction - a busy main road. And the third one is a quieter road just round the corner from us.


  1. Hi Hazel :-)

    These are super shots showing where you live. It look like you had a nice, dry warm day too :-)

    Still working on getting the courage to snap away without feeling too self conscious. You have done well :-)

    Bye for now . . . Sue

  2. Lovley triptych of photos Hazel

  3. Nice photos. Good to see where each of us lives. Especially like the last one. It's so nice to see signs of spring.

  4. Oh how lovey to get a feel for your 'space'!

  5. Oh I love love love your road shots. But why are they on the wrong side.....giggle.


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