Sunday, 20 April 2008


Today, being Sunday, is SOS on HS:MS: 'go know you want off a little :)'

I thought I'd show a few of the photos taken when we did some of the sights of London with our DIL and grandchildren.

The first is just one of those 'sightseeing' ones - taken from near Buckingham Palace:

Dani and Chloe posing in a red phone box:

Standing to attention at Horse Guards Parade (Dani would never make a soldier!):

A welcome stop at McD after walking around:

And one little lady is tired out (probably my favourite):


  1. What a wonderful set of photos and I am with you Hazel, the last one is my favourite too :-)


    ps Hoping to go to London in May to see Buck House, The Eye etc :-)

  2. These are lovely pics Hazel. Such fun to have a day out with children, they seem to appreciate things differently, especially when they are younger.


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