Thursday, 10 April 2008

I was tagged

Ruth tagged me (I've done one very similar before, so I'm probably repeating myself, although I can't remember what I wrote before!):

What I was doing 10 years ago:

Getting used to being 50!

On my to-do list today:

Tidy my craft stuff (always seems to be on the list as soon as I do any crafting), go to the chemist and pick up prescription, go to the post office, perhaps go with John to his bowls club meeting (boring, so I might stay at home and craft instead)

Snacks I enjoy:

This is a difficult one, not because I can’t answer it, but because the realisation of eating too many of them (in fact, eating too much fullstop) is causing me to think again. My passion is dark chocolate – the darker and more expensive the better (but I’m hereby declaring that I’m not going to keep giving in to it).

Things I would do if I was a billionaire:

Give to charities, buy houses for family members, generally treat as many people as possible to whatever would make life more comfortable for them, including my mum.

Three of my bad habits:

Sitting too long at my computer (it’s not good for my back and John sometimes has to nag me)
Eating too much dark chocolate (see above!)
Don’t think I’m going to confess to the rest

Five places I have lived:

Dovercourt (Harwich, in Essex)
Catford (South East London)

Although I’ve only lived in these three towns, I’ve lived at eleven different addresses in all.

Five jobs I have had:

Secretary for a plastics firm – two different locations
Casual worker at the PO Christmas holidays when I was a student (mature)
Agency temping (secretarial) when I was a student – in a bank and a solicitor’s office

Five people I'm tagging (although I expect some have already done this - feel free to ignore):



  1. Thanks for the tag Hazel. I have done this one before and not that long ago, so I will pass this time. Janice X

  2. oh my ive been tagged !

    will be posting tag on blog tomoz ---

    thanks for the tag hazel x
    love maddy x


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