Sunday, 18 May 2008

CBC May challenge 13: messy!!

'Another photo please of your craft space NOW no titivating we need to see it as it is!! GO ON I DARE YOU'

OK, Sue, here's what mine looks like now:

and I've only made one card (but there were still things out from yesterday). Please notice the all-important mug of tea!


  1. MUCH tidier than mine Hazel - I wish I only had things left out from the *day* before, lol! You have been busy with the challenges, well done!

  2. Oh dear, mine is much worse than that too. My DH said last night that I needed to get the hoover and clear up all those little bits of paper on the floor :o

  3. I wish my room was as tidy as yours!! You still look organised!

  4. Oooh that does look positively tidy! lol.
    And yes, the cuppa tea is definately obligatory.

  5. Wow. Neat. Mine is a perpetual zone of chaos. I shed things all over the house too. Especially the peel off backings of things like double sided tape. And I find the backings of sticky foam squares in the weirdest places.


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