Saturday, 24 May 2008

CBC May Challenge 3: a project

Last Saturday, Sue gave wonderful instructions for making a match book to begin a project as part of the special challenge weekend on CBC. Throughout the weekend, further instructions were added for the remainder of the project.

I decided to leave this towards the end of the challenges.

As it's our wedding anniversary tomorrow, I thought I'd make the match book for John.

Most of those who read my blog (and I am grateful that you do) will know that John's guide dog, Josey, returned to Guide Dogs because of the problems John was having with his feet and other health issues - she is now early retired.

So this a special little book all about Josey (and one day soon I'll make one about Oscar - John's guide dog before Josey).

I'm not sure that I made the book exactly to the instructions. I put the brads inside to hold the pages and I put some velcro on the front to enable the book to be closed.

We were asked to incorporate a star into the 1st or 2nd page:

And a heart into the 3rd and 4th page:

and a button into pages 5 and 6:

Pages 7 and 8 had to incorporate wording:

I added a picture to the underneath piece:

Sue asked us to make a pocket and tags, on which we could do some journalling or other photos. There is some journalling on these tags (a bit soppy, so I'm not showing it):

and the back is very simple:

I mainly used papers and wording from K & Company Brookfield, plus other bits and pieces.

Thank you, Sue for such a wonderful challenge that enabled me to make something a little big special for John about his special friend that he still misses.

I have to confess that I couldn't wait till tomorrow, so I gave it to him a little while ago. It's not something he can easily see, but with the help of a magnifying glass or his CCTV machine he can appreciate it - and it's something he can keep and come back to.


  1. What a beautiful gift for your husband, the pictures of Josie brought a tear to my eye, what a wonderful dog. May I wish you and your husband Happpy Anniversary and many more to come.

  2. I'm sure John will treasure this Hazel, it's beautiful.
    Happy Anniversary to you both.

  3. what a lovely little book,you've done really well with it :) what a great keepsake to have :)

  4. Just lovely Hazel, so glad that John is able to see and appreciate it with a little technological assistance - a special memento of a special friend. Happy anniversary to you both, I hope you enjoy your day {{{hugs}}}

  5. That is lovely Hazel. It brought a lump to my throat! Those CCTV thingies are fab, we have one for students who need text enlarged. Hope you have a lovely day today.

  6. That's such a lovely present for John, Hazel how very thoughtful of you. I have to admit that I too have a tear in my eye like Janette seeing those photos. It must have been very emotional making this.


  7. What a lovely lovely present for John to remember his old friend by. It must have been hard and satisfying at the same time making it for him.

    Its also a lovely little matchbook and what fun to have to do certain things on each page. Hope you have had a lovely anniversary X

  8. What a great present, glad John could see it. And belated Anniversary wishes!!


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