Tuesday, 13 May 2008

I'm on a winning streak!

I entered a card in the Tanda April card challenge - blue - shown here -, surprise, surprise, I won!

I was asked to choose what sheet of stamps I would like, but the package I've received also has some decoupage and lots and lots of 6" x 6" papers:

I've also heard this morning that I've won a prize on UKStampers details here

However, I'm appalled that my answer was the nearest one - so many people wasting the moderators time and energy with their bogus registrations.


  1. Nice choice of stamp sheet Hazel and congrats on winning! Sadly, a lot of the UKS bogus registrations are likely to have been made not by people but by a piece of software :o(

  2. I am totally loving that funky retro paper you have!


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