Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Romance is alive and well!!

I know this is a craft blog and this has nothing to do with crafting, but just wanted to share it.

John had just been collected by car to go to bowls as he usually does on a Tuesday afternoon, when I saw a van draw up and a man walk down our path carrying a gorgeous bouquet.

It's our wedding anniversary this coming Sunday, but soon afterwards we are going away for a break and John obviously arranged for these to be delivered early so that I could enjoy them for the week before going away.


  1. What a lovely surprise Hazel.

  2. Happy Anniversary to you both. What a wonderful surprise.

  3. What a lovely thought and lovely flowers, too! Happy Anniversary to you both!

  4. What a lovely thought to allow you some time to enjoy them before you go away.
    Happy anniversary for Sunday to both of you.
    Sue x

  5. Awe isn't he a big softie and a lovely husband! Beautiful flowers Hazel and well deserved X


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