Friday, 27 June 2008

Tanda Teaser 'canine capers'

Wendy set the Tanda teaser this week: 'CANINE CAPERS - I would like to see dogs on your cards. Lots of lovely doggies - there are no restrictions with this one - use whatever products you have to hand.' Sorry to hear though, Wendy, that little Chloe is poorly - hope she's better soon.

Well, no surprises from me really - used the Josey look-alike labrador stamp for this simle card (similar to one or two I've done before, but I love this stamp, for obvious reasons):

It's a poor photo because you can't see the gold effect on the white card - iridescent - but at least you can clearly see the lab, which is the main thing!


  1. Lovely card Hazel. I still can't get over how like the photos of Josey this stamp is - I think it must have been modeled on her!

  2. you're right hazel,that is a lovely stamp :) nice card too:)

  3. Beautiful card Hazel and so like Josey. Thanks for joining in with the tanda Teaser this week!

  4. Its a beautiful card Hazel. That lovely dog looks so serene, just like Josie X

  5. what a lovely expression on that face. You are right not to put too much on the card

    there's something on my blog for you


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