Wednesday, 18 June 2008

What a beautiful surprise!!!!

Last week I had an intriguing email from a dear crafting friend, Sue Hyde, telling me that in a day or two I would receive a card from her, but I wasn't to open it until a parcel had arrived. Obviously this was a surprise of some sort and I hadn't a clue what it was about.

Sue's card arrived on Monday and I have to admit I was soooooo tempted to open it, but I didn't.

When I got back home at lunchtime today after visiting friends, there was a big parcel waiting for me. I opened the card from Sue:

which explained what the mystery was all about. Sue, Sharon and Nicki (from Switzerland) have been involved in some charity stitching projects. They were ready for another project and read about John having to give Josey back. Sue said: "It made me feel so sad to think how the two of you must have been feeling so I had a word with Nicki and Sharon and we decided there and then that we waned to make a little something to brighten yours and John's day. You can open your parcel now and be assured ... there's love in every single stitch."

So I opened the parcel, in which there was a card from Nicki:

and two most gorgeous cushions:

We are so overwhelmed by the thoughtfulness and generosity of these dear friends. I know how much effort was put into the stitching involved to produce these beautiful cushions.


  1. Aren't you blessed to have such wonderful friends, the cushions are beautiful!

  2. Aren't they beautiful! and how wonderful to have such friends!

  3. What a beautiful gift, how lovely to have such generous friends Hazel.

  4. how lovely - what great friends you have Hazel

  5. What a wonderful surprise for you Hazel

    Sharon, Sue and the Swiss Miss (Nicki) are three of the loveliest people I've had the honour to meet (whether online or irl).
    I'm so pleased that they decided to do something for you, and I know you'll treasure it.

  6. oh wow! those cushions are just gorgeous.

    jo xx

  7. You are truly blessed to have friends like these in your lives Hazel. There is a lot of work in those cushions and they are beautiful X

  8. That has to be the bset present I've seen!! How lovely of them to think of you and John at such a tough time for you.

  9. Dear Hazel :)
    I am so pleased that Sue asked me to join her and Nicki, it was an honour to stitch something for you an John.
    I enjoyed every minute, and yep it was stitched with love.
    Hugs, Shal. xx

  10. Hi Hazel,
    It was so naughty of us to drop hints and than make you wait but I hope it was worth the wait.
    It was such a pleasure to stitch for you and we hope that the cushions bring you both comfort in the years to come, although we know they will never comfort you from the loss of Josey.
    Lots of Love
    x x x

  11. What a lovely thought and beautifully realised too! Aren't they all sweet?

  12. Awww. What totally goregous cushions - how wonderful of Sharon, Sue and Nikki. All 3 are such angels
    Amazing and such caring thoughtful ladies. Anyone who has had a pleasure of meeting them will just know how true this is.

  13. What a lovely gift and so thoughtful of those ladies. I occasionally do cross stitch so appreciate the work that must have gone into those cushions. You are a very lucky couple to have such friends.
    Sue x

  14. Oh my goodness, how gorgeous are they!! What a fantastic, lovely gift.....x

  15. ah hazel what a fab gift
    so kind and so useful at the same time

  16. They are stunning, you lucky people xx

  17. Hello Hazel

    I think I ahve finally figured out how to write an answer to you!!!

    The whole planning and stithcing of your gift was a great pleasure - so it is really us who should be thanking you for giving us the opportunity to once again work on something together.

    Sue is right - every stitch is filled with love and kind thoughts - plus a hefty portion of Alpine sunshine and possibly even a small contribution from Tosca!!!

    Lots of love
    Nicki xxxx

    PS I have more fabric if need anything else to match xxx

  18. So thoughtful and so beautiful


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