Thursday, 13 November 2008

CBC weekend challenge 6

'This fab challenge is one from Carolyn
Now I know we often make notepads - but this one must have a closure of some kind - the more inventive the better...there will be some bonus points on offer for the most inventive.

You can use any kind of notepad or even post it notes. Don't forget Calv has added a step by step on the main site, if you need a bit of help under projects'

I've made two notebooks tonight - covered chipboard and used my BIA.

For the first one I've threaded ribbon through one of the wires and wrapped it round before then tying to secure the notebook - so that the ribbon doesn't come off when it's undone:

The second one is secured with a jumbo paperclip:

I need to make more BIA notebooks tomorrow for Saturday. This final challenge gave me the nudge I needed to start making some more.


  1. Wow, that paperclip looks enormous! Two great note books, love the fact you could use the paperclip as a bookmark, too :o)

  2. These are gorgeous Hazel. Love the big flower & paper clip.

    I really, really want a BIA. !!!


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