Wednesday, 24 December 2008

A different kind of crafting

A different kind of crafting today - well, it's really not crafting, but I thought I'd show some of what I've been baking.

Mum and I both have high cholesterol, so we don't eat normal sausgages or sausage rolls, so I make some with lower fat sausages:

And I made some cookies. The flower shaped ones are chocolate chip, the stars are hazelnut (with a name like mine I just had to have some of those), the square ones are walnut and the heart ones are plain as poor John shouldn't have chocolate or nuts because of the potassium, although I think he might make a bit of an exception.

I usually make a chocolate yule log (well, strictly speaking, it isn't, because I cheat and make a loaf cake instead of the fiddle of making a swiss roll beneath the chocolate covering.

And yesterday I made some mince pies (special mince meat that's sugar free so John can eat some - I don't like them).


  1. Yum, yum, room for one more Hazel!!!

  2. They look yummy Hazel, hope you enjoy them.
    Sue x

  3. Wow Hazel they all look fab! I wish I had a talent for cooking..I haven't, but I'm very good at eating!!
    Have a wonderful Christmas.
    Anice xx

  4. Ooooh, they all look delicious...Enjoy. xx


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