Monday, 15 December 2008

Rosie Dee's challenge 14

This evening, having just finished wrapping some presents, I looked on Rosei Dee's challenge blog and saw that Rosie is saying: 'My challenge this week is for you to show us your wrapping!'

So I thought I'd show a picture of these traditionally wrapped presents for some friends.

I can't show some that I did before the weekend, because they have been sent off.

I will be wrapping presents for my brother and family and Mum and John - I'll probably do something different for theirs.


  1. Ooh, I think I spot some Christmas puds there Hazel. Are they home-made? Yummy!


  2. hi hazel, your a very neat wrapper :) i like it. i love wrapping gifts
    Thanks for showing us your pressies this week xxx

  3. They do like nice Hazel & your tags look fab.


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