Saturday, 27 December 2008

Sorting, tidying or making?

I'm not really sure today whether I'm sorting, tidying or making? In fact, it was going to be a sorting session, but I seem to be doing more making and certainly less tidying, because the more I make the more untidy everything becomes.

Underneath my work surface I have a pull out keyboard shelf - I don't use this for a keyboard, but to put bits and pieces for safe keeping until I might want to use them! Some of these have been there for quite some time, tucked away out of sight. I decided therefore that as part of the sorting and tidying I would use some of them on some cards (at last!).

So here are three cards I've made (so difficult to get photos when pearlised card is being used):

It wasn't intentional, but a colour theme seems to have emerged (which is good for matting and layering some of the pieces of paper and card).

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  1. Wow, fancy having those tucked away. They have made brilliant cards. Lovely colours too.


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