Wednesday, 30 April 2008

HS:MS wild

Today on HS:MS: 'wild: living in a state of nature; not tamed or domesticated.'

As it's still raining, I'm not venturing far, so I popped my head outside the back door - to the left there is a part of the garden that gets pretty unruly at times because there's a hotch-botch of plants growing there quite wildly. There's an area more wild than that at the top end of the garden, but there's no way I was going up there in the rain, so this 'wild' will have to do:


  1. How come your "wild" and unruly bit of garden looks pretty whilst mine just looks a mess? its not fair you know!

  2. Wild looks gorgeous to me Hazel, my kind of garden....all natural. A weed is only a flower in the wrong place! X

  3. Gorgeous 'wild' Hazel! I just love seeing shots of blossoms at this time of year :O)

  4. Firstly I seemed to have missed you lately :-( So I will catch up now :-)

    I agree with the others this does look particulary pretty. LOL at you comment about not going out in the rain! It makes perfect sense to me :-)

    Loved reading about your stamping. Magenta stamps are pricey but divine and triple embossing is a real favourite of mine. Great card :-)

    LOL at your dairy cereal shot. Clever take. The shot of your Mum is excellent, really lovely :-)

    BFN . . . Sue

  5. A beautiful bit of wild in your garden Hazel, always think the garden looks lovely and fresh after the rain.


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