Thursday, 1 May 2008

HS:MS spectacles

Today on HS:MS: spectacles: 'Eyewear for those why are Myopic, Hyperopic, Photophobic and for those who are plain old shopperholic! Which one are you?'

I wear contact lenses - couldn't be without them, although when I'm at home I do try and wear my prescription specs to give the lenses a rest.

But when I'm wearing my lenses I need to keep reading glasses close at hand:


  1. Great picture. Love yesterday's Wild as well.

  2. Great idea to use your keyboard as a background Hazel. Lovely wild too- I love wild gardens!

  3. oh you've got a vaio! so have we, its a bit ancient but soooo dinky compared to the laptops around nowadays!

  4. oh very good shot of those specs!!


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