Thursday, 16 April 2009

How strange!

This is a quick card for mum to send to one of my nieces next week (hope you don't look here, Carol, but if you do, then look away NOW, please!)

The strange thing is that I went to Gez's blog and she's made a card with some of the same elements (from K & Co) (and I like Gez's version much better!).

This is an aperture card, so I used a double sided paper so that there would be a different pattern on the inside of the aperture:


  1. Oh my Hazel! what a surprise!!!

    Your card looks super. I love the crisp, clean white look & the patterned inside is gorgeous. Spooky! :-)
    Gez. XX

  2. how funny you two using the same elements - I'd never seen them before. Love the crisp white of your card Hazel, I'm sure the recipiant will love it...xx

  3. This is a beautiful card Hazel. I love the way you've used double sided card so the inside looks good too.

  4. Clever use of an aperture card Hazel, it's very pretty.

  5. Love the square of paper showing on the inside too - great idea! This is very pretty, I'm sure she'll love it!

  6. Great card there Hazel. Love it! :)


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