Thursday, 2 April 2009

Salt: Easter

I found this Salt challenge difficult to do, not the subject matter, because Easter is so much at the heart of the Christian gospel, but the crafting for it.

Esther chose the theme for this time and you can read what she said and see the fabulous crafting of the rest of the DT here.

I did one LO that ended up in the bin - I'd tried to handwrite on it and it turned out as rubbish, so I went back to the drawing board and did something completely different.

The cross was cut from a 'Me and My Big Ideas' paper 'denim cross' (I'd originally intended to use the whole 12 x 12, but the rest of it went in the bin, so all I rescued was the cross).

The base paper is Pink Stems Garden from Colorflowers II Collection by Jennifer O'Meara, with her 'Garden Sunset' overlayed with the printed texts.

John 3:16 is a verse that I learned when I was so young I can't remember when it was - what profound truth it contains.


  1. This is very simplisti Hazel, I love it. The verse just says it all and is soo true. Well done for persevering with it. XX

  2. I love the simple elegance of this layout Hazel. It is so hard to express Easter creatively isn't it! But I think you have pulled it off

  3. Wonderful Hazel! And a perfect verse to go along with your is indeed profound to consider Christ's great love for His people!

  4. Love the unusual colour - don't usually associate pink with Easter, but it gives it a great warmth.

    I am again twitching to remember more fully the bits of the Easter liturgy which are floating around in my head incomplete ....

    The only bit I can remember is a line from the most ancient hymn which opens the Easter liturgy, the Exultet, and it runs: "O happy fault, o necessary sin of Adam, which won for us so great a redemption.", which may sound a bit odd but not quite so much if you think of something like: "The light shone in the darkness and the darkness did not overcome it." and see that God is more powerful in creation than we are in sinning.

    The expression in Latin for happy fault is felix culpa, and sometimes our mistakes do turn out to be for the good, by the grace of God.

  5. I like this how it is! Sometimes there is reason for doing a second- it usually comes out better than the first! Well done for perservering Hazel, I can share in your frustrations - over my own challenge! Great use of the bible texts too!

  6. Lovely take on the theme Hazel, the centrality of THE Cross is so important in our lives, have a lovely Easter, Praise God for Jesus!!!


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