Sunday, 10 January 2010

Chance encounter

This colourful ticket sheet was the inspirational graphic given this week on Soartful and the theme is 'chance':

I downloaded a free image from here and simply enlarged, rotated a bit and superimposed on the original given image - my very simple effort this week:

This is what the poem says:

A chance encounter of the best kind
A meeting arranged by fate.
Two souls have come together
Two hearts can now relate.

Exploring has uncovered
A tender love sublime
Whose roots are strong and deep
To withstand the test of time.

This much I know within my heart,
That you are meant for me:
To share with me the joys of life
Throughout Eternity.

And here I found a final verse:

So now I ask with open heart
Baring my soul to thee;
Will you, dear (NAME), my soulmate
Take a chance and marry me?

Copyright © 1983 Ara John Movsesia


  1. thats a really lovely poem :)

  2. That's lovely Hazel. I haven't done my soartful challenge yet.

  3. What a wonderful poem :)
    You are a lucky person, check here :) congrats!

  4. Aww that's lovely Hazel :)

  5. AAAAh Hazel - hope you put the Duracell bunny's name on the last verse? tee hee.

    Beautiful Hazel.

  6. Hazel, This is such a wonderful take on the 'Chance' challenge. Love it.

    Thanks for being Soartful.


  7. this is lovely and such a different use of the theme - cheers!

  8. Great idea, love the poem!

  9. Interesting and slightly unfortunate typo in that last verse! Would you want to marry somebody who was "barring" their soul to you (as oppose to "baring", presumably!)? Great piece though, that ticket background is great!


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