Monday, 25 January 2010

Trying to organise scraps

One of my new year crafting resolutions was to use up the leftovers, the offcuts, the scraps ... I've tried various 'systems' to store them and none of them have worked - I tried using separate folders for separate colours, tried sorting large and small pieces ... you name it, I've tried it ... and I've ended up with boxes with papers all higgledy piggledy, as you can see here:

So, I emptied the boxes today and have 'sorted' (mmmm not sure that's the correct word really, because perhaps they still need further 'sorting') them into broad colour ranges, so that the black and whites are together, followed by the blues, followed by the reds, pinks and purples etc etc ...

I confess that the large box doesn't really look much different, but at least there is some colour sorting and it has reminded me of all the paper treasures that I have, which might just encourage me to continue to use some of them. And, you will notice, that everything's in the one box now, having got rid of some of the stupid bits that were lurking in the boxes.

On the other hand, there's nothing quite like cutting into a brand new piece of paper! - which, of course, produces more offcuts!


  1. I've done similarly; but gone to the length of adding separators between colours. And sticking the box on my desk. I haven't cut into a full size sheet of any colour since I did it - must be 3 weeks. I did seperate patterns out tho' - they have their own box and aren't really sorted, BUT they are standing up - if I lie papers in a box, I do not flick through them! Be intersted to see how you like your new system!

  2. Your boxes look just like mine! It is hard to keep the scraps and small pieces orderly isn't it!!?!! I still need to organize my 12x12's. LOL

  3. I have done the same, though I have a drawer full somewhere I didn't tackle. Now when I look for a scrap to die cut I can never find one in the right colour!

    Cazzy x

  4. I keep all my scraps in 12 x 12 bags, but i can never the right card and the right time! Yours looks a lot tidier than mine :)


  5. I had the same problem with twice as much paper! I bought some A4 sized plastic wallets - one for each of the main colours browns, yellows etc and sorted into colours that way.


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