Sunday, 16 May 2010

BF non-retreats photo prompts

As part of the non-retreaters mini crop on Bubbly Funk forum, over the last two days Joanne has been giving us photo prompts:

1. Stamp - a collection by Tim Holtz:

2. Texture - in the kitchen:

3. Aperture:

4. Yellow - some yellow in my garden:

including one that shouldn't be there:

5. Energy - and I'm so glad that Joanne gave us this prompt, because the bulb in our bathroom had gone and I needed to put a new one in before it got dark:

6. Division - the wire fence that divides our back garden from our neighbour's:

7. Handmade - a tablecloth that I embroidered when I was about 7 (excuse the creases, but there was no way I was going to get the iron out):

8. Open - my printer/scanner with the menu panel open ready for use:

9. Mix - it's very obvious, but this was all my brain could cope with:

10. End - a soppy end of a story (a Jill Mansell book that I bought and still haven't read - at least I know now what the ending is!):

Thanks, Joanne, for organising this - I used to regularly take photos, but sometimes get out of the habit - good to be prompted into taking photos of things that we wouldn't normally think of.


  1. Thanks for playing along Hazel, glad it got you into taking some pics again where you might not have thought to do it!

  2. Great series of photos, Hazel.

  3. FAB! Hazel. They would make a lovely little book. :) Glad you had fun. I loved looking at your photos especially your hand-made prompt. Not so keen on the scarey texture one tho! hehe..
    Take care & Good Luck for tomorrow. Will be thinking of you. Love Gez.xx


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