Friday, 16 July 2010

Back from Eastbourne

We got back home yesterday lunchtime, having had a good week away. Despite the obvious constraints because of health issues, we made the best of the time there, enjoying the sea air. The weather was so hot from the Thursday when we arrived and up until the weekend, then it did cool down and we did have a smattering of rain, but nothing much, except at night.

We stayed at the Eastbourne Centre, which is undergoing a refurbishment programme - the suite that we stayed in was very comfortable and clean. They were working on the entrance to the hotel, so there was some banging and drilling, but for most of the time we were out anyway, so it didn't really disturb us that much.

It was lovely to have a completely separate sitting room, as well as a spacious bedroom and a super bathroom - what a pity that we couldn't indulge in the lovely big corner bath, complete with television screen (neither of us are agile enough now), but there was also a separate shower cubicle that we just right.

So this is the sitting room:

and the bedroom:

And this is the view from one of the balconys (we had three):

and another:
I've got no idea why I didn't take a photo from the third balcony, which overlooked the Wish tower.

A couple of times we had tea or coffee in the Victorian team rooms on the pier - a bit pricey, but nice to be able to sit down and be served - and they even did decaf tea, so I was happy.

And this is me dressed up to go out for dinner to Little Italy just around the corner from the hotel - we had two excellent meals there.

When we got back yesterday I got loads of washing done and then put one lot in to dry - and it was just as wet at the end of the cycle as when it went in ... and the washer/dryer has been making strange noises, so we've had to phone up for someone to come to see to it (still under guarantee) - someone's coming on Tuesday. Not exactly what you want to come home to!

As this is primarily a crafting blog, I'll take this opportunity to show what I bought in Eastbourne. C & H fabrics had a sale with 25% off craft stuff, so I couln't resist the flowers (although I've already got quite a few of these at home) and the quilling tool (used to have one and lost it, so that was a good bargain to pick up). I also found a craft shop called Creativity Cards & Crafts, where I bought the two Penny Black stamps and got the Peace on earth stamp from a little shop in the Enterprise centre near to the station. I've stayed in Eastbourne a few times over the past few years, but didn't know the Creativity Cards & Crafts shop was there - it's tucked away a bit - apparently they have been there for about ten years.

I admit that I do tend to buy craft magazines (don't know why really because I rarely take much notice of the articles) - the freeMy Mind's Eye papers will come in handy.


  1. Glad you hada lovely time Hazel. The hotel looks lovely. I'm back online so can catch up with everyone!!!

  2. I'm so pleased to hear you had a lovely holiday, I bet it did you both the world of good.
    Fun to find a craft shop you didn't know was there - I expect you'll be booking another trip soon, then!

  3. you do scrub up well - the tea room sounds just my kind of place - John looks pleased to be there too

    Glad you had a good time xx

  4. Sounds like you had a lovely time Hazel! Glad the weather was kind and you had a nice place to stay!

  5. Nice room you have there and the views of the pier are fabulous. The sea is so blue! Hope the washing machine gets fixed soon.

  6. Lovely room Hazel, so pleased you had a nice time xx


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