Wednesday, 5 October 2011


It's a while since I've taken part in WOYWW (if you don't know what I'm talking about then click the link and go over to Julia's blog and have a nosey at everyone's workspace ... and perhaps let us have a look at yours.

Regular visitors to my blog recently will be aware that I'm having a sale on Saturday to raise money for Tearfund.

As usual, despite my good intentions, I had piles of cards that had been made, but I needed to put inserts in and bag and label them ... so boring! Well, I've persevered and I've done them all (you'll just see a little pile on the right that are not bagged because they will be stood up to show the various shapes and pop-ups.

I've also been able to get together 20 cards for St Luke's - I've been playing in their challenges and have been meaning to send them some cards, so that's another job done.

Since taking the photos a little while ago I've moved the boxes into the other room ready for Saturday and will later need to make them more presentable and label with prices etc. - that's something I can do while the TV is on in the background.

Now I have a clear space to work in and have got some sticky notes and some notebooks to cover, a commission to make and a few more cards ... and it's only Wednesday, so there's plenty of time still - lol! However, we have someone coming tomorrow to make alterations to our kitchen - installing two ovens and altering the housing where the present ones are (must be mad to have workmen in this week - one came back to finish off bits in the bathroom yesterday and mend a leaking pipe under the kitchen sink ... oh for a normal day!)

Big apologies to all WOYWWers - with the pressure of time mounting up this week there's no way that I'm going to be able to get round the blogs, even with the best will in the world. Please forgive me.


  1. Blooming hell Hazel, you have done REALLY well to make all those cards and I know what you mean about the inserts and bagging, definitely not the best bit.

    Good luck with your sale, I am sure you'll raise loads with all your lovely cards. I've always admired how many cards you make but it must be amazing to see so many and think, I have made those. Well done.

    Love Mandy xxx

  2. My goodness, Hazel. You must have hundreds there! Good luck for your sale on Saturday.

  3. Wow you have been busy!Best of luck for Saturday.
    Rum x

  4. Very organised! good luck with the sale and having the builders in - hope the week goes ok for you (dont worry about replying!).

  5. It's lovely to see you Hazel, and never worry about the commenting ability...we all have to flexible, huh! Good luck with the sale, my word you've done a lot of cards, and they are all so neat!


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