Monday, 23 January 2012

Photo catch up (again!)

The days go by so quickly. I really intend to keep up with Suzie's 365 photos day by day, but yet again I've got a few days behind, so here is my little catch up.

20: sign - this is where we sign:

21: fire - this is the nearest I could get:

22: glowing - I love this container lit up with a tealight - some of the glass if clear, some a copper colour and some a golden colour:

23: hot - I wish I'd looked at the prompt before I cooked an apple crumble earlier this evening - now I've had to settle for cheating and putting the oven on, so you can see that it really isn't that hot!:


  1. Loving the catch up! Seems I'm not the only one behind in my 'to do' list! LOL

  2. Great photos Hazel :) x Is there any apple crumble left? :D


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