Thursday, 19 January 2012

Photos catch up

I've missed taking part in Suzie's 365 for a few days, so this is a catch up.

15: generous: this is a photo I took at the Christmas Fair where mum lives - jams and cakes donated by generous folk:

16: snack: as I'm trying to lose weight yet again (having got to target weight nearly a year ago), this is the only kind of snack I'm allowing myself (but I'd rather be eating a bar of dark chocolate):

17: naughty: I sneaked up on John and took a picture while he was happy a nap - naughty me!:

18: pleasurable: I love my craft stuff - it gives me pleasure, especially my copics, promarkers and other pens - it's very therapeutic and pleasurable colouring in:

19: bad for you!: I love playing bejewelled blitz on facebook and have just discovered that there is now an app to play on my iPad - but it can be bad to spend too much time playing when I should be getting on with other things (or getting to bed!):

I'm up to date now - thanks, Suzie, for these great prompts - I had to really think about some of them!


  1. Love your photos Hazel but you're naughty sneaking up when John was resting his eyes!!! I'm a bejeweller too and spend way too much time trying to beat my husband!!! Hugs x

  2. Great photos Hazel! Poor John hehe x


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