Sunday, 1 January 2012

Some crafty New Year resolutions

This is what I wrote at this time last year:

As for crafting resolutions, once again, I'm resolving to use up offcuts and scraps - but the box is just as full as it was this time last year, despite using a lot during the year - the trouble is that they just got added to because I like cutting into new papers as well as using up old.

Another crafting resolution I made this time last year was to make Christmas cards throughout the year - and I kept to that. So this year I'm determined to do the same - spurred on by setting up my new blog to also encourage others to do the same. Challenges on Craftyhazelnut's Christmas Challenge blog start at 9:00 am tomorrow morning (1 January 2011) - I hope to see you over there.

So, here are my crafty resolutions for this year:

Use up offcuts/scraps:

Well, I start this year with my offcuts box just about the same as it was last year! I really have been trying to use up the scrap pieces, but they keep being joined by other offcuts as I can't resist also cutting into new papers. During 2011 I discovered Jules always with a heart blog where Jules invites us every week to join her in the Snippet playground - the idea is that on Sundays Jules creates a Snippet challenge post - an opportunity to link cards that have been made with some of the offcuts and scraps. I'll be trying this year to take part every week. In fact Jules has now handed over the snippet keys to Di who will be hosting weekly Pixie's Crafty Snippets.

Make Christmas cards throughout the year:

This is something I managed to do again during 2011 with the help of my Craftyhazelnut's Christmas Challenge blog. During the year, the blog has become successful with many crafters joining in and for this coming year I have lots of sponsors lined up so I am going to be able to give a prize every week for a randomly selected entry. If you haven't yet joined in my CHNC challenges, why not make it one of your New Year resolutions to make Christmas cards throughout the year and ease the panic towards the end of the year.

I'm determined this year that I'll make even more cards early than I did last year because I found that I sold so many for charity that in the end I was making loads at the end of November/beginning of December for our own use.

Regularly see to inserts/labelling/bagging cards:

I love making cards, but I suspect like most cardmakers I'm not so keen on putting in the inserts and bagging up ready for selling - that's boring and I tend to ignore that this has to be done. Then I suddenly find that I've got loads of cards that need to be done at once (usually just before a Tearfund sale, which means they have to be done then). So this coming year I'm going to do this job regularly. I'm going to try to do this every Monday - we'll have to wait and see how long this resolution lasts!

Put things back in their right places:

I try to be organised in the way I store all my craft stuff, but however much I try it seems to get out of hand at times and I end up with things in wrong places, which means that I can't find them quickly enough when I want them. So I think I'll make this a Monday job as well.

Are you going to join me in making some crafty New Year resolutions? If so, I'd love you to leave a comment so I can come and visit your blog and read what they are.

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  1. Hi Hazel

    I think I should just copy and paste your new year's resolutions onto my blog .. .. those are all the things that I should be doing!!! .. .. plus a few more besides!! LOL!!!

    I am pleased you enjoyed playing along with my Sunday snippet challenge and as you will see I have passed the keys over to my blog buddy Di. She is keeping the mission going so we will still be able to work on our little bits of left over papers and cards.

    Thank you for all the creations you entered into the challenge.

    Happy New Year and good luck with the resolutions.

    Love Jules xx


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