Friday, 13 January 2012

Suzie's 365 13: inside your fridge

Today Suzie is asking us to show inside our fridge. So here is my 13: inside your fridge - I decided to show what's on the inside of the door:

 You can tell that a diabetic lives here - jars of Dalfour sugar-free jam, sugar-free jelly and on the top shelf is the most important of all, insulin:


  1. Hi Hazel, the inside of your fridge looks rather like my niece's - she, too, is insulin dependent. I't looks nothing like mine though perhaps it should. Despite having a pre-diabetic condition, IGT, I don't like the sweetener used in diabetic products, or should I say it doesn't like me! So I prefer to do without altogether. I do use a sugar substitute in drinks and even use it in cooking but otherwise, not. I almost entered the challenge this week - well, I started a card this morning and then had to go out and so didn't complete it in time .... such is life :) Next week perhaps! Elizabeth x

  2. Love this Hazel, documenting the things you wouldn't normally bother with but are essential in your life (and John's ;)) LOVE IT!!

  3. No artificial sweetener in the jams - just fruit x


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