Sunday, 5 February 2012

The big catch up

It's quite a few days since I've taken part in Suzie's 365 photo challenges - I looked at the prompts every day, but because of other things, I didn't get round to actually taking the photos and blogging. So here is a big catch up:

Day 25: motionless - delay television is very handy when the phone goes or if you want to get up and make a cuppa!:

Day 26: free choice - a simple photo I took last year when we were strolling along the cliff top in Eastbourne:

Day 27: amazing - I'm afraid I couldn't think of anything more amazing than the entry in the dictionary (OK, I know that's pretty un-amazing really!):

Day 28: fluffy - no explanation needed!:

Day 29: kitchen utensil:

Day 30: collection - just part of my collection of stamps:

Day 31: wheels - because of the problems with my back I can't carry anything much at all, so my shopping trolley usually goes out with me - very important wheels for me:

Day 32: accessory - I'm sure you won't think this is an exciting accessory, but it's just the right size to take my iPad out - which is very handy to take with us, for instance, when we go up to Guy's for appointments for John, it keeps me occupied!:

Day 33: button - this is part of a favourite top that is lovely and cosy and just right for this cold weather. If you look closely you can see that there is a button one end of the pocket flap, but just a piece of thread at the other end

Day 34: interaction - the image says it all really - a good place to interact with friends:

Day 35: liquid - I use this liquid as little a possible because we have a dishwasher, thank goodness:

Day 36: rubbish - yes, the snow has come, which is rubbish in itself! Yesterday afternoon we moved the food bin and a black sack round to the front so it would be there ready for tomorrow morning's collection - just got to add the paper recycling bin now:

Yay! I'm up to date now - will try not to get so behind again (we'll see!).

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