Thursday, 9 February 2012

Suzie's 365 day 40

Day 40: compact

My powder compact. I remember when I first started wearing make up (help, that was 50 years ago!!) everyone used loose powder - I remember having a lovely compact that was gold (not real) with flowers on it. Nowadays, powder compacts are very ordinary:


  1. Ah, yes... now aren't we dating ourselves? The days of elegance have passed...if you look around you can still find some prettier ones on occasion but it seems the focus these days is on accessibility, ultra-slim and lightweight. LOL... of course with all that comes less powder in the case for a higher price, right?

  2. My mum used to use a powder compact and she reminded me when we spoke this morning. Shame she's so far away- or I could have taken that for today. When I next see her I must take a photo anyway!

  3. lol Hazel, showing your age! :) I like this shiny black one :D

  4. Showing my age. I've got a compact just like the one you described.
    I love the way you've arranged your photo


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