Sunday, 19 February 2012

Suzie's 365 day 50: fashion

Mmmm I had to think about this one. When I think of some of the fashions I wore in the past - the days of the mini skirt, hot pants, maxi coats ... those were the days!

Then I remembered that I have a special suit at the back of the wardrobe - it was my 'going away suit' on our wedding day in 1991. I'm not really sure why I bothered with a 'going away suit' (other than that's what people tended to do back then) because I only wore it to go home, where we spent the night and then travelled on our honeymoon the next morning, with me wearing jeans (no special suit in sight).

The padded shoulders of the 80s lingered over into the 90s. It amazes me now to think that I had trouble getting anything suitable for the occasion because everything I tried was too big!! This suit was a small size 8 - did I ever have a waist that small - well, yes, I did!

So here is my 'fashion' for Suzie's day 50:

I've no idea really why I keep it - it's not as if I'll ever wear it again! I kept my wedding dress for a few years and then gave it to a charity shop.


  1. Greatmemory Hazel...and a really nice suit, i wonder if you've kept it because it was a more likely 'wear again'than your dress? II did the opposite, stayed in my wedding dress for the evening 'do' which was with friends in a local pub, and then wore new jeans to go away in the next day, so it was a going away outfit of sorts! Brace yourself...I think the shoulder pads are coming back!

  2. I bet you looked gorgeous in that Hazel! Fabulous colour which is very fashionable now (according to my daughter!)

  3. I Love this take on the prompt - very clever! and you have reminded me about my own going away outfit in the back of the wardrobe: a check jacket with padded shoulders, very 1980's. Thanks for the memory

  4. Yes thanks for the memories


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