Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Suzie's 39: fence

The word for today on Suzie's 365 photos is 'fence'.

This follows on nicely from my photo yesterday for 'damaged' in which I showed our back gate, so this today's photo is just looking beyond the gate to the piece of fencing that could also do with being renewed. Further up the garden is fine, as it was replaced some while ago with a wire fencing.

You'll notice that there is still snow lingering on the grass - brrrrr!!


  1. I love seeing everyone's photos! Our snow left us- although I thought it felt colder today than before!

  2. Oh still lots of snow lingering here! Or rather, ice now :( Great photos Hazel :) xx

  3. I know it should probably get replaced but I really like the vintage feel of this photo. Wooden fences are something special until you have to repaint or mend them all the time.

  4. your fence is great. I'd leave it until it falls down. there is nothing like old wood

  5. I agree, lovely fence :) We had to have a new one a couple of years ago and i'm glad it's starting to weather in.


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