Friday, 9 March 2012

Suzie's 365 day 69: fuzzy

It's been a difficult day, so no crafting to show (just managed to prepare my card ready for my Christmas challenge tomorrow, but that's all), and I'm very late in the day with a photo for Suzie's day 69: fuzzy.

It's a picture of Ellie who came to stay with me October 2008 after I'd won her in a Think Pink auction. She was made by Kaz.

I'm so tired that I have to admit that I've resorted to showing a photo that I'd already got (if I'm feeling like it I'll take an up to date one tomorrow - although Ellie isn't going to look any different - lol!).


  1. i am so sorry you didn't feel good, Hazel. I hope you will have a better day today. By the way, Ellie looks fab ! xx

  2. Hope that you feel better today


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