Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Suzie's 365 photos catch up

I've got a bit behind with Suzie's 365 photos, so here is my catch up for the days I've missed, including today:

Day 75: wild: a wild part of our garden:

Day 76: bliss: I love dark chocolate:

Day 77: music: I had to smile when I looked at the most popular 25 titles played on my iPad - Lesley Garrett singing The Lord's Prayer comes right in the middle of lots of Beatles tracks!

Day 78: hobby: anyone who visits my blog regularly will know that my main hobby is cardmaking or anything that involves paper - this is just some of the paper I have - it doesn't look very exciting like this, but when you pull it out and gaze at it and stroke it ... it's lovely!

Day 79: playtime: just because ...

Day 80: quiet: the mute button can be very useful!


  1. I think that stack of paper looks very exciting. That's quite a collection!

  2. I love your photos Hazel. Your stack of papers also caught my eyes !!!

  3. your paper collection is very organised, do you want to come and sort mine out?

  4. I have paper envy!!!!

    I often wish things came with a mute button!


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